Celebrate PRIDE with Baltic

The Baltic Street Wellness Solutions, Inc. PRIDE Committee is excited to announce the launch of our exclusive PRIDE merchandise and collectibles, now available in the Baltic Street online store

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  • Baltic Street Rebranded Mid-Sized Duffle Bag

    Elevate your travel and leisure experience with the Baltic Street Agency Mid-Size Fashionable Duffle Bag. Designed for the modern explorer, this versatile bag seamlessly combines style and functionality. Get Yours Now!

  • Baltic Rebranded Windbreaker

    Explore your leisure activities and embrace the changing seasons with the Baltic Street Agency Hooded Nylon Windbreaker. Designed for those who appreciate style, comfort, and functionality, this windbreaker is your ideal companion for any lifestyle adventure.

  • Baltic Street Rebranded Logo T-Shirt

    Take a stand, wear your support, and be a symbol of change with the Baltic Street Agency Logo Sweatshirt. Every stitch tells a story of community, empowerment, and the peer movement, making it a must-have for those who believe in making a difference.

Baltic Street Recovery Jumble Collection